Capabilities Statement

Founded in 1984 as a corporation in Germantown, Maryland, NRAI is nearing three decades of support to the Government, to corporations, and to several universities.  NRAI was founded to both create and to support the creation of new innovative technologies that enable improvements in real systems performance.  Our work over these many years has involved multiple technologies and many disciplines.

NRAI’s founder and President Edgar H. Neal is a seasoned systems engineer, educator and innovator with more than fifty years of experience who has pursued and/or supported disciplines and technologies that have significantly enhanced system performance. In addition he taught more than 97% of the graduate courses offered in Communications Engineering at George Washington University over several decades.


Current NRAI Research Interests:

  • Research to secure the air interface for current and future mobile wireless designs
  • Exploit Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) techniques
  • Fractional & Fractal Calculus to enhance system performance
  • Electron and Hole transport in modern mesoscopic electronics
  • New approaches to mitigate distortion noise from nonlinearities in systems both with and without memory
  • Higher-Order Statistics, Higher-Order Zero Crossings signal processing concepts
  • Fractional Brownian Motion and Stable Distribution modeling


Past NRAI Projects (A very small sample):

  • Supported improvements for two recently launched National Technical Assets
  • Supported two Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Technology Fellows
  • Applied Alpha-Stable statistical models for radar returns and various imaging procedures
  • Created and taught the classified NRAI course “Ship Design Impacts on Radiated Noise” for NAVSEA
  • Created and taught the classified NRAI course “Noise in Towed Arrays” for NUSC/NL
  • Developed inference metrics for transient signal detection and characterization
  • Assessed sonar performance impacts from water borne bubbles & boundary layer turbulence
  • Collaborated to create and teach the Continuing Engineering Education course “Sonar Signal Processing” throughout the U. S., London, Canada and Germany for several decades
  • Served as Associate Editor for the U.S.N. Journal of Underwater Acoustics, a classified Office of Naval Research (ONR) publication for nearly two decades.